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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your Mind's Job is Not to Make You Happy

We're all doing our part to honor and sustain life on our planet, right?

But sometimes I get mad and scared so I enrolled in a mindfulness and self-compassion course to see if I could stay empowered and loving even when I'm alone.

I was sitting in the class, feeling skeptical when the course leader said: "Your mind does not aim to make you happy.  Your mind is focused on surviving."


I felt like I'd been given a Get Out of Jail Free card.

I dont' know about you but my mind constantly worries about THREATS and  outcomes; COMPARES myself with others; and DEFENDS me from even good stuff because it doesn't want me to get too cozy.  When I'm mindless, I wallow in my regrets about the past and projections of danger in the future.  I believe my thoughts are true and real and NOW.

BUT, I don't have to believe my thoughts. That's repetitive negative chatter.

 I can choose to practice mindful BREATHING and SELF-COMPASSION.

My new favorite counterpoint to Mind Chatter is this lovingkindness meditation:  
May I be well; 
May I be happy; 
May I be free from suffering.

Try it.  When you go on a mindless binge about the future or the past, stop.  Focus on your exhale breath a few times and then say these phrases out loud or silently.

May I be well; 
May I be happy; 
May I be free from suffering.


How was that?  Comment here.

I'm going to create a download with this meditation.  So look for it on my website: Dr. Amanda Kemp

In the meantime,

Peace and love!


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  2. Coming off a week of preparing for and attending my mom's memorial, so the meditation has happened in a slightly different way... Thanks, tho, for these prompts!! Deeply breathing....